Multi-Color Multimedia Half Mechanical USB Wired Gaming Keyboard with LED Illumination Backlit(Waterproof, 7 Adjustable Illuminated Halo Breathing light, Pro Gaming-oriented keyboard)

— cooling gaming keyboard to offer the most comfortable gaming environment.
— Fashion and contemporary bright-black design of outlook,perfectly for any working space.
— Backside super drain holes design, water proof and splash proof, protect the keyboard well.
— The Pro Gaming Keyboard is especially for seeking trendsetting users.
— This keyboard comes with Backlit Backlight LED Lights for using at night time, looks amazing.
— It has some highlight keys and multimedia keys which can be easily used for the serious user.

— Connector: USB
— Keyboard weight :1000g
— Multimedia keys: 12 Key
— Color : 7 Color

— 3 Gears for Adjusting Brightness
Press key “FN+PaUp” for light to gradual bright up and “FN+PaDn” for light to gradual darker, Cycling with 3 gears.
— Domineering Appearance for Game Operation
This combo with simple design, domineering fashional appearance and dealing by technology lines, make it more stable during game operation.
— Large and Antiskid Hand Holder
In order to be more stable, keyboard bottom is designed by mental and non-slip plastic.
— Pressing by 19 keys together, no conflict.
Pressing by many keys together, no conflict, no slow
— Seven backlit lights can be switched
Press key “FN+scrlk” each time,
— Efficient Waterproof Design
waterproof, more casual life .
— Backlit light Design for Letter
Letter by high-definition nonopaque design, light sensation clear and gentle.

$ 41.99