Tt eSPORTS MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Tt eSPORTS MEKA Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review When looking for a gaming keyboard, one of the first questions we ask is: is it mechanical? It isn’t necessary to have when gaming and for the... … [Read more...]

Snap Inc. Introduces Snap Map

We’ve definitely seen changes throughout Snapchat over the years, including some of our favorite filters, embarrassing texts, and face swaps with cats. Lately, other applications have adopted... … [Read more...]

Reports of Cellphone Internet Outages Across the US on Monday

Aside from the issues several Android users encountered when upgrading to Nougat, cellphone users across the United States came across issues regarding their ability to connect to the internet and... … [Read more...]

FreeSync 2 Makes its Way Into Samsung’s New HDR QLED Gaming Monitors

It always proves to be difficult catching up with technology. When 60Hz and a 2ms refresh rate monitor were more than enough, we land ourselves in a time wherein a 15 inch display should be left on... … [Read more...]

Event: Pokemon GO Fest on July 22nd Will Take Place in Chicago

Last year on July 6th, the world saw a change in how people of all ages walked around. Suddenly people flocked to the streets and drivers ran out of their cars. Not because of any type of alien... … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announces Dell, Asus, and Lenovo’s Mixed Reality Headsets

With Virtual Reality still trying to gain traction, there have been a number of games and peripherals/accessories created to make VR gaming easier and more convenient. Aside from isolating the player... … [Read more...]

SteelSeries Introduces New RGB Mousepad: the QcK Prism

It’s never to late to add another RGB peripheral to a company’s lineup of available gear. With SteelSeries being one of the highly recognized names when shopping for gaming peripherals,... … [Read more...]

Pokemon Releases Magikarp Jump on Android and iOS

Growing up while watching the Pokemon TV series and playing the games, many of us are able to say that Magikarp was far from our favorite unless it was in our interests to free up a space for a... … [Read more...]

Autobahn Motors in Singapore Has the Largest Luxury Car Vending Machine

A used car dealer in Singapore, Autobahn Motors, has erected a 15 storey building in December that doubles as an auto showroom. The building works like a “vending machine” and is operated... … [Read more...]

Overwatch Anniversary: May 23rd to June 17

It has been a long year with the toxicity levels rising swiftly in our oceans and the gaming community of Overwatch (salt joke ommited). We saw players leave a number of their favorite titles to jump... … [Read more...]