Sony PSVR Aim Controller: A Great Gun Peripheral With Gamepad Buttons

Last week, Sony launched the PSVR Aim Controller in conjunction with Impulse Gear's "Farpoint." The new peripheral offers move tracking combined with the input options from a DualShock 4 controller. The Aim Controller lifts the bar for VR FPS experiences. … [Read more...]

Appeals Court: Wikimedia Has Standing To Sue Government Over NSA’s ‘Upstream Surveillance’

Wikimedia's lawsuit against the NSA was revived by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, which said that the company has legal standing to sue the NSA over both Fourth and First Amendment violations against it. … [Read more...]

Intel Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X Leaks Vs AMD ThreadRipper ‘TBD’: Fun Summer Ahead

Intel's Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X specifications surface from the rumor mill. … [Read more...]

Researchers Bypass Samsung Galaxy S8’s Iris Recognition System With A Photo And A Contact Lens

Chaos Computer Club "hacker" Jan Krissler was able to bypass the Samsung Galaxy S8's iris authentication system with a high-quality photo of an iris and a contact lens emulating the curvature of the eye. … [Read more...]

Latest ‘Dirt 4’ Trailer Shows Off Chaotic Rallycross Racing

Race for the finish in the game's fast-paced multi-lap mode. … [Read more...]

Celebrating One Year Of ‘Overwatch’

Three new maps are available for Arena mode, and you can get new skins and emotes in the Anniversary boxes. … [Read more...]

Cooler Master Brings Tempered Glass To Cosmos II Chassis

Tempered glass side panels come with the latest version of the Cosmos II chassis. … [Read more...]

Liquid Cooling On A PSU? FSP Will Release One At Computex 2017

FSP, among others, is going to show off a liquid-cooled PSU next week at Computex. The Hydro PTM+ was created in collaboration with Bitspower, a well-known company in liquid cooling solutions for PC systems. … [Read more...]

ODG Works With Citrix To Bring Cloud-Hosted Apps To Smartglasses (Updated)

Osterhout Design Group announced a partnership with Citrix that would bring Citrix’s virtualization and virtual desktop enterprise suites to ODG’s self-contained AR smartglasses. … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Console Coming To China Later This Year

Scorpio will be Microsoft's second console in China after the Xbox One was released in country in 2014. … [Read more...]