Analyzing The Razer Purple (Optomechanical) Keyboard Switch

Although we still don’t have specifications for the upcoming Razer Purple optomechanical keyboard switch, we now have some renders to scrutinize. … [Read more...]

Game On: Amazon Releases Another Trailer For ‘Breakaway’

At Gamescom, Amazon Game Studios released another trailer for 'Breakaway,' a competitive game that blends fantasy violence and sports. … [Read more...]

DoJ Narrows Warrant Seeking #DisruptJ20 Info From DreamHost

The government originally required the site's host, DreamHost, to hand over information about the 1.3 million people who visited #DisruptJ20. Now the warrant is focused more on those who actively planned the inauguration protests. … [Read more...]

‘Overwatch’ Prepares For Big Changes To Competitive Play

Season 6 will be shorter than its predecessors, change Blizzard's approach to players' skill ratings, and boast improved matchmaking, among other things. … [Read more...]

Former Dacuda Employees Form Computer Vision Company, PXL Vision AG

Money can buy technology and patents, but it it doesn't keep talented people. Magic Leap purchased Dacuda and its patents in February, but four key employees left to start PXL Vision AG. … [Read more...]

Skyrim VR! Doom VFR! Fallout 4 VR!

Bethesda is days away from hosting the 21st annual QuakeCon, and the company just announced the roster of attractions at the show, which includes three AAA VR titles. … [Read more...]

Cooler Master Adds MM520, MM530 To Its Portfolio Of Gaming Mice

Cooler Master annouced two new additions to its Master Mouse line of gaming mice, the MM520 and MM530, both of which feature a matte black finish highlighted by RGB lighting. … [Read more...]

Is AMD Vega’s Package Construction A Problem? A Closer Look

There's been some confusion floating around about the packaging of AMD’s new GPU. New issues continue to arise, and we'll help sort it out. … [Read more...]

New ‘Best PC Build’ Competition Now Underway

We're proud to announce a new Best PC Builds Competition. Winning builders will receive a Newegg gift card worth $100! … [Read more...]

Razer Developing Optical Keyboard Switches: Razer Purple (Updated)

The working name is the Razer Purple switch, but whatever it ends up being called, it will be Razer's first foray into optical keyboard switches. … [Read more...]