Google’s ‘Advanced Protection Program’ Will Protect You Against Targeted Cyberattacks

Google's new "Advanced Protection Program" will improve the security of any user of Google services, granted they own two physical U2F-based security keys. … [Read more...]

Samsung’s Next Gen NVMe SSDs Appear Online (Update: Dell Listing)

The OEM version of Samsung's upcoming flagship NVMe SSD, 980, have appeared online. The PM981 NVMe SSD was designed for system builders using the same components as the retail models. The initial pricing looks good, but we don't expect high availability. … [Read more...]

Corsair’s Keyboard Keycap Kits Come Calling

Corsair has its own PBT, doubleshot keycap kits. But they're only for (most) Corsair keyboards. … [Read more...]

New ‘Team Fortress 2’ Update Brings Players To The Jungle

The first of the four-day update includes a new map and taunts. … [Read more...]

Nvidia Preps For Windows Mixed Reality With New Drivers, Suggests GTX 1060

Nvidia said it "collaborated closely with Microsoft on the new update to ensure our GPUs deliver a great VR experience." … [Read more...]

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Is Here

Microsoft's latest major upgrade to its desktop OS brings with it plenty of changes, from new visual styles to the dawn of Windows Mixed Reality, and you can now install the update to see how things have improved from the Creators Update. … [Read more...]

Razer Doubles Down On eGPU Tech With Core V2; Blade Stealth Gets 8th Gen Quad-Core CPU

In addition to announcing an updated Blade Stealth ultrabook with 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake processors, Razer revealed a new version of its external graphics dock - the Core V2. … [Read more...]

Fight The Nazi Occupation In ‘Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus’ Launch Trailer

Use whatever weapons are at your disposal to take down the soldiers and mechs of the Nazi army. … [Read more...]

Google’s Second-Gen Daydream View VR HMD Is A Bigger Improvement Than It First Appears

The first revision of the Daydream View headset is available this week, and it boasts significant improvements over the original version. … [Read more...]

Asrock Launches Mini-ITX X299 Motherboard

Asrock announced a mini-ITX motherboard based on Intel’s Z299 chipset. … [Read more...]