Here Are The Game Awards Winners For 2017

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Nvidia’s New Titan V Pushes 110 Teraflops From A Single Chip

Nvidia announced a new Titan-class GPU that puts the previous model to shame. The company put the power of its GV100 Volta GPU into a desktop-class graphics card—for science! … [Read more...]

Highlights From The Game Awards

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‘Metro: Exodus’ Trailer Reveals Fall 2018 Release

The latest game in the series will have you lead a group of Spartans in search of a new home. … [Read more...]

‘GTA Online’ Gets Its First New Heist In 3 Years

"GTA Online" is getting its first new Heist expansion in three years with the introduction of "The Doomsday Heist." … [Read more...]

New ‘Death Stranding’ Trailer Showcases A Nightmarish, Lovecraftian World

After its initial announcement and two very elaborate but ultimately obtuse trailers, we finally got a lengthy look at Kojima Productions’ chilling new action game Death Stranding. … [Read more...]

50 Versus 50 Mode Now Available In ‘Fortnite’

Instead of a massive free-for-all match, you'll work with 49 other players to take down an opposing team. … [Read more...]

Pre-Sale For TPCast Wireless Adapter For Oculus Rift Begins Monday

TPCast announced that it would begin accepting pre-orders for the Oculus Rift wireless adapter on Monday and begin shipping the hardware the following week. … [Read more...]

Owlchemy Labs Announces ‘Vacation Simulator’

Owlchemy Labs has a sequel to its VR hit "Job Simulator." It's called--wait for it--"Vacation Simulator." … [Read more...]

‘Dying Light: Bad Blood’ Is Techland’s Take On Battle Royale

You'll have to create temporary alliances with other players if you want a shot at escaping the zombie-infested zone. … [Read more...]