Mozilla’s Next Big ‘Quantum’ Enhancement Will Make Firefox Silky-Smooth

The next phase of "Project Quamtum" will bring a GPU-accelerated rendering engine, "WebRender," to Firefox, which will make the browser silky-smooth. … [Read more...]

Get Your Guns Out: ‘Space Pirate Trainer’ 1.0 Is Here (Hands On)

Grab your guns and get ready for battle. "Space Pirate Trainer" 1.0 is here! … [Read more...]

Oculus Go HMD: What We Know (So Far), Including SoC

The new Oculus Go is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. Here's all we know so far. … [Read more...]

Oculus Project Santa Cruz: What We Know (So Far)

Oculus announced its (other) untethered, standalone VR HMD at Oculus Connect. Here's everything we know about it so far. … [Read more...]

Respawn Entertainment, Pixar Lead List Of Upcoming Titles For Oculus Rift

Other upcoming content includes experiences in the worlds of "Stranger Things" and "Blade Runner 2049." … [Read more...]

Facebook Developing VR ‘Venues’ For Concerts and Live Events

At this year’s Oculus Connect conference in San Jose, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is currently developing VR social spaces called “Venues” that will enable you to enjoy live group experience like concerts in virtual reality. … [Read more...]

Oculus Rift Core 2.0: New UI, Customizable Home, Desktop Access

Not everything  at this year’s Oculus Connect 4 is new VR hardware. The company also announced Rift Core 2.0, a rework of the Rift software. Rift Core 2.0 seems to just be a moniker for the user experience elements, and today's announcements include Das … [Read more...]

Oculus Makes Aggressive Push For Standalone VR With Oculus Go, Santa Cruz HMDs

Oculus is making aggressive moves to bring standalone VR to the masses. The company announced not one, but two upcoming self-contained VR headsets at Oculus Connect 4. … [Read more...]

Look Out, Microsoft: Oculus’ Rift Bundle Is Now Permanently $399

The Rift bundle--which includes the headset, sensors, six free apps, and Touch controllers--is now, permanently, just $399. … [Read more...]

T-Mobile’s Website Put Customer Data At Risk

It's not clear for how long this vulnerability was present in the company's site, but the company said in a statement that it resolved the issue less than 24 hours after security researchers first disclosed it. … [Read more...]