Asus Unlocks Overclocking on Non Z-Series Motherboards

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New Microphone Enables Touchless Gestures in Phones, Tablets

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Samsung Trademarks ‘Gear VR’ for Virtual Reality Headset

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Core i7-4790K Overclocked to 7003.38 MHz on ASRock Z97 OC Formula

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Amazon’s First Phone May Be AT&T Exclusive

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Destiny May Possibly Come to Windows PC

Activision is discussing the possibility. … [Read more...]

Wikipad and OnLive Announce Partnership

OnLive is now on the Wikipad 7. … [Read more...]

No Lower GPU Prices Despite Reduced GPU Demand

Reduced demand for GPUs won't be translating to lower prices this time... … [Read more...]

Nvidia Posts Battlefield: Hardline Beta; Grid: Autosport GameReady Beta Driver

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Report: Nvidia GTX 880, 880 Ti to be Cheaper than 780 Ti

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