Microsoft’s Dave McCarthy Talks About Xbox One X

Come November there will be a new Microsoft game console out there for fans to play called the Xbox One X. The thing is that normally when a new console launches, there are new and exclusive games... … [Read more...]

Star Fox 2 Launches 22 Years Later on the SNES Classic Edition

Yesterday I talked a bit about the newly announced SNES Classic Edition retro game console that was announced this week. That console is coming with 21 different games installed and one of the games... … [Read more...]

Final Fantasy XV Update Adds Off-Road Driving

Fans of Final Fantasy XV received an update recently that brought the game to version 1.12. The update has the bug fixes for the game that you expect to see in every update that lands, but it also... … [Read more...]

SNES Classic Edition Consoles Should be Easier to Find

A rumor was floating around back in April that Nintendo has its eyes on making a SNES Classic Edition console later in 2017. At the time the NES Classic edition console was out and selling as fast as... … [Read more...]

Nintendo Switch Likely to Get Additional Wii U Games

Nintendo hit a homerun with the Wii game console years ago when it launched. Despite the less than stellar graphics, the cool controls helped push the Wii to sales of over 100 million units. The... … [Read more...]

Activision Riles Gamers with Modern Warfare Remastered Pricing

There were a lot of gamers out there who were quite excited when Activision announced that it would be remastering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. That game is nearly a decade old, but still has... … [Read more...]

Steam Summer Sale is Underway

It’s summer for a bunch of folks out there and if you are lucky enough to be home all day or the next few months, you might want some cool video games to play. Even if you work all day, cool... … [Read more...]

Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector Throws 100-inch Image from 4-inches

If you want a massive image and you don’t want to spend the money it costs to get something like a 70-inch or larger traditional 4K TV, which can cost over $10,000, a projector might be the... … [Read more...]

Sega Forever Puts Retro Sega Classics on your Mobile

People are crazy for retro gaming gear and software right now, just look at the success Nintendo had with its NES Classic Edition console as an example. For a while back in the day Sega made its own... … [Read more...]

Nintendo Says Sorry in Japan for Switch Shortages

Nintendo is feeling pretty bad that it can’t get enough Switch consoles into the hands of fans around the world right now. The company has issued an official apology in Japan for the difficulty... … [Read more...]