AMD Vega 64 $499 Pricing Was Only for Launch

Whether or not the AMD Vega 64 video cards are actually beating NVIDIA offerings in benchmarks, there are still a lot of gamers who want to get their hands on the cards. That demand made the initial... … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Turns on 600 MHz Network Two Months After Buying Spectrum

Normally when a mobile carrier buys new wireless spectrum to use form the FCC, it can take many months or even years before networks are rolled out that take advantage of that new spectrum. T-Mobile... … [Read more...]

Crackdown 3 Pushed to 2018, Not launching with Xbox One X

The first time we got a look at Crackdown 3 in its 4K glory was back in December of 2016. The game was supposed to launch alongside the Xbox One X game console, which is set to land on November 7. In... … [Read more...]

Destiny 2 4K 60fps PC Beta Video Debuts

If you are a PC gamer and your gaming rig has the hardware muscle to rn 4k framerates, you will want to check out this Destiny 2 PC beta video that is courtesy of NVIDIA, Bungie, and Activision. The... … [Read more...]

No Volta For Gamers This Holiday Season

Gamers who are on the fence about buying one of the new AMD Vega GPUs, existing NVIDIA parts, or holding out for a gaming version of the Volta architecture have a while to wait for Volta. No release... … [Read more...]

AMD Vega 64 Video Cards Aren’t Beating NVIDIA in Benchmarks

If you have read our review of the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 video card, you have noticed that the card didn’t perform as well as we might have hoped. While the AMD Ryzen CPUs have been able to... … [Read more...]

Intel CEO Leaves President Trump’s Manufacturing Council

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has become the third executive to drop out of the President Trump manufacturing council this week. The other executives that left included Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank and... … [Read more...]

No Man’s Sky Update 1.31 Patches Atlas Rises Issues

No Man’s Sky players who have been playing the new Atlas Rises content update might have noticed some issues with that update that made it less than perfect. The developer of the game, Hello... … [Read more...]

Two New Dota 2 Heroes Coming Soon

Fans of the Valve game Dota 2 will be thrilled to hear that a pair of new heroes are coming soon that you will get to play. One of the heroes is a swordsman that PCGamer figures is pangolin-inspired.... … [Read more...]

Nintendo Faces Suit Over Switch Alleging Patent Infringement

Nintendo is facing a lawsuit with the popular Switch game console at the center of the suit. The suit was brought against Nintendo by Gamevice, an accessory maker that claims Nintendo violated... … [Read more...]