CoD: Infinite War “Shaolin Shuffle” Zombies map Launches

This week marked the launch of the second map pack for Call of Duty: Infinite War and along with that map pack came a new zombies map that is based on New York in the ’70s complete with kung fu... … [Read more...]

StarCraft is Now Free for Windows and Mac Gamers

Blizzard has announced that StarCraft is now free to download and play for the PC and Mac computers. This is the first game in the StarCraft franchise and is the full game. The expansion pack for the... … [Read more...]

Mass Effect: Andromeda Ansel Contest Runs Through May 14

NVIDIA has announced a new Ansel artists contest that will see the person who makes the best photos using the NVIDIA Ansel tech win some very cool prizes. NVIDIA Ansel is the tech used to capture... … [Read more...]

NASA to Broadcast Rocket Launch in 360-degree Video Today

Today marks a first for NASA and this first is very cool for fans of rocket launches. NASA will broadcast the launch that happens today at 11:11 a.m. ET in 360-video. The special presentation is... … [Read more...]

Star Wars: Battlefront II Unveiled at Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars: Battlefront II is happening and the game will have a single player mode for those who want some Star Wars action, but aren’t big on multiplayer gaming. EA unveiled the game... … [Read more...]

RetroPie DIY Console Will Fix that NES Classic Hole in your Heart

If you are one of the masses who tried and failed to get hands on the NES Classic game console before Nintendo discontinued it, you can still get your retro gaming fix. Only the retro gaming... … [Read more...]

Microsoft Begins to Block Updates for New Hardware on Older Windows Versions

The day that some PC fans have dreaded is finally here. If you have a modern and new processor from Intel or AMD inside your PC and you are running a version of Windows other than Windows 10, you may... … [Read more...]

Nintendo Classic has Been Discontinued

Nintendo has done something that pretty much flies in the face of business models that most of us expect. I don’t think any of us expect Nintendo or any other company to stop making a product... … [Read more...]

Apple is Having Trouble Getting TouchID Under the iPhone 8 Screen

A new rumor is making the rounds that claims Apple is having trouble with the so-called iPhone 8 smartphone. The big feature that has long been rumored on this device is a move to some sort of curved... … [Read more...]

Project Scorpio Dev Kit Looks Like This

Details and an image of the Project Scorpio dev kit have surfaced giving gamers a look at what developers will be using to make games on for the new console. Since this is a dev kit, the final retail... … [Read more...]