Microsoft May Up Prices for Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Something is afoot with pricing on certain versions of the Windows operating system over at Microsoft. ZDNet reports that when Windows 10 Pro for Workstations lands it will change the way Microsoft... … [Read more...]

Intel Delivers New 17-qubit Quantum Chip to Partner

Intel has hit a milestone in quantum computing with the delivery of a new 17-qubit chip to a partner in the quantum computing field called QuTech. The chip isn’t notable for being a big... … [Read more...]

Nokia Axes OZO VR Camera and Cans 310 Workers

Word is circulating that Nokia is shedding 310 workers from its Nokia Technologies arm and has stopped the development of its OZO camera and hardware. The unit that was working on the OZO hardware... … [Read more...]

Fake Adblock Plus Chrome Extension Was Distributed via Chrome Web Store

The thing about Adblock Plus is that it is great for users who feel like they shouldn’t have to look at ads as they read their favorite websites, but terrible for publishers who rely on the... … [Read more...]

Google Fiber to Be Internet Only in New Markets

When Google first started to roll out its blazing fast Google Fiber service, one of the things that got a lot of folks really excited were the interesting packages that bundled TV service with... … [Read more...]

Windows Phone is Dead, Only Security Updates and Bug Fixes in the Future

Microsoft has finally admitted what mobile users have known for years- Windows Phone is dead as an operating system. The Android ecosystem is booming and iOS has the best selling smartphone in all... … [Read more...]

Netflix Prices are Going Up by a Few Buck on Most Plans

Word has surfaced that your Netflix and chill sessions will get a bit more expensive soon with pricing for popular plans going up by about 10%. The price increases are to allow the streaming giant to... … [Read more...]

Lenovo’s Retro ThinkPad 25 Gets Official

If you were a fan of the ThinkPad notebooks that IBM sold back in the day, you will be interested in the new Thinkpad 25 from Lenovo. The Thinkpad 25 is meant to be a retro throwback to the style and... … [Read more...]

Xbox One Gamers Finally Get Destiny PS4 Exclusive Content Two Years Later

While many gamers on both the Xbox One and PS4 have moved on form Destiny already to playing Destiny 2, some new content for Xbox One Destiny fans has finally landed. This content was originally a... … [Read more...]

iPhone 8 Battery Swells, Splitting Phone Open for Some Users

With the iPhone 8 Plus now on the market the rumors about the device are finally over. The launch hasn’t been as smooth as past iPhone launches though with some owners reporting that the... … [Read more...]