Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer to Launch June 27

The last time we talked about the coming DLC for Diablo III called Rise of the Necromancer was in November of last year. All we knew at the time as far as the launch date goes was sometime in 2017.... … [Read more...]

Blizzard/Twitch Partnership Means Free Golden Loot Box for Overwatch Players

Since Twitch is part of Amazon if you are an Amazon Prime member, you are a Twitch Prime member as well. You might not be into streaming your gaming session and perhaps you didn’t even know... … [Read more...]

PS4 Nabs Top Spot in NPD’s Best Selling Hardware Rankings for May

The latest sales ranking charts from NPD have been published, and Sony has taken the top spot for hardware sales back from Nintendo. For May 2017, the Sony PS4 was the best selling game hardware... … [Read more...]

Vague Answers Muddy the Waters on Nintendo Switch Virtual Console

During E3 last week Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime sat down with a bunch of gaming publications to answer questions. It seems that each of the publications that interviewed Fils-Aime asked... … [Read more...]

Hitman Goes Indie as No Buyers for IO-Interactive Step Up

For a long time the Hitman franchise has been part of Square Enix, but with IO-Interactive posting a massive loss and Square Enix wanting no more to do with it and no buyers for Io-Interactive... … [Read more...]

Atari to get Back into Game Console Business

Back in the early days of gaming if you wanted to play a videogame at home there was only one console to get your hands on and that was the Atari. That old-school Atari 2600 is how children of the... … [Read more...]

Intel Outlines New Xeon Mesh Architecture for Data Centers

Intel is offering up some details on its new “mesh” on-chip interconnect that is the future of the data center. The details on the new architecture come ahead of the launch of the new... … [Read more...]

Gigabyte Offers X299 Aorus Mainboard Pre-Order Bonus Options

Back during Computex Gigabyte announced some new enthusiast level motherboards in the X299 Aorus line for gamers that supports all the cool new stuff that Intel is doing. The mainboards support the... … [Read more...]

Synaptics Talks Data encryption vs. Data Scrambling

If you had cable TV back in the day when set top boxes were a novelty, you might remember how the channels you didn’t pay for were scrambled. This scrambling meant that the image was wavy and... … [Read more...]

Samsung 64-layer, 256Gb V-NAND Flash Memory Volume Production Begins

Samsung has announced that it has kicked off volume production for its latest advanced memory technology in the form of the 64-layer, 256Gb V-NAND flash memory. That flash memory will be used in an... … [Read more...]