Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition Includes DLC and Unlocked Titans

Yesterday Titanfall 2 launched on Origin Access, which is EA’s subscription gaming service costing $5 monthly or $30 per year, and for the money you get unlimited access to Origin games.... … [Read more...]

Overwatch Summer Games Return with Ranked Lucioball

Overwatch players might remember the Summer Games from last year that lots of gamers had fun playing. The Summer Games are returning this year and will kick off on August 8. Some changes have been... … [Read more...]

Playerunknown Battlegrounds Hits Peak Players Record

A few days back we talked a bit about Playerunknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) and the fact that it had reached a milestone with 5 million copies sold. This week another benchmark has been hit for the... … [Read more...]

Facebook Pulls Plug on AI After it Creates Unknown Language

If you have ever watch the Terminator movies, you know that AIs run rampant can be a very bad thing. An AI doesn’t necessarily have the same value for humanity and the things we need and want... … [Read more...]

Battlefield 1 Boasts 21 Million Players

The WWI shooter Battlefield 1 has been a smash hit for EA and DICE. EA announced that the game now has 21 million players as of the end of June. Only a few months back the game had 19 million players... … [Read more...]

Persona 5 Anime Lands in 2018

Fans of the Persona 5 video game that also happen to be anime fans will be glad to hear that the anime for the new game is landing next year. It’s no real surprise that an anime is coming for... … [Read more...]

Nintendo Switch Eshop Gains Four New Titles in Time for the Weekend

If you are on the hunt for something new to play on your Nintendo Switch game console, four new games have landed on the Eshop. The biggest title to land today is Overcooked: Special Edition. This... … [Read more...]

Doomfist Now Playable in Overwatch

The long awaited update that brings with it the new playable character for Overwatch gamers has launched. The big item in the update is the new playable character Doomfist, an offense character.... … [Read more...]

Foxconn to invest $10 billion in Wisconsin Factory

Foxconn is a major manufacturer of electronics for a wide variety of technology firms that sell products in the US. Perhaps the biggest customer that Foxconn builds electronics for is Apple, Foxconn... … [Read more...]

HTC Vive Standalone VR Headset Unveiled for China

HTC has announced a new VR headset that is a standalone unit needing no smartphone or PC and is aimed directly at the Chinese market. The new product appears to be called the Vive Standalone VR and... … [Read more...]