Netflix Prices are Going Up by a Few Buck on Most Plans

Word has surfaced that your Netflix and chill sessions will get a bit more expensive soon with pricing for popular plans going up by about 10%. The price increases are to allow the streaming giant to... … [Read more...]

Lenovo’s Retro ThinkPad 25 Gets Official

If you were a fan of the ThinkPad notebooks that IBM sold back in the day, you will be interested in the new Thinkpad 25 from Lenovo. The Thinkpad 25 is meant to be a retro throwback to the style and... … [Read more...]

Xbox One Gamers Finally Get Destiny PS4 Exclusive Content Two Years Later

While many gamers on both the Xbox One and PS4 have moved on form Destiny already to playing Destiny 2, some new content for Xbox One Destiny fans has finally landed. This content was originally a... … [Read more...]

iPhone 8 Battery Swells, Splitting Phone Open for Some Users

With the iPhone 8 Plus now on the market the rumors about the device are finally over. The launch hasn’t been as smooth as past iPhone launches though with some owners reporting that the... … [Read more...]

Yahoo’s 2013 Hack Gave Up Details of All 3 Billion Accounts

Back in 2013 hackers broke into a database that held username and password data for users of Yahoo and related services. When the breach was originally reported in 2016 it was thought that only 1... … [Read more...]

Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Returns for 2017

Overwatch is set to celebrate Halloween 2017 with the return of an event held last year called Halloween Terror. The event returns next week and will run for the rest of the month. During The event... … [Read more...]

Insta360 Pro Camera is Google Street View Ready

We all know Google Street View, many people use it to check out an area or city before they travel there. Street View gives you an actual view of the street and any homes or buildings on it. I used... … [Read more...]

Roku Rolls out A Quintet of New Streaming Devices

Roku has announced five new streaming players that people can use for streaming their favorite content to their TVs. The new players offer improved performance compared to the old players, better... … [Read more...]

October’s Games with Gold for Xbox Unveiled

One of the best things for gamers with an Xbox Live Gold subscription (which is just about every Xbox owner) is that to sweeten the pot Microsoft gives away some cool free games each month. With... … [Read more...]

Google Ditches First Click Free Policy, Aims to Support Subscriptions

Years back if you wanted to read something online, you just Googled it and then read away. Just about all online content was free. When the advertising industry started to cut back on ad rates some... … [Read more...]