AMD Cards Not Compatible With DK2 After Oculus Platform Update

Earlier this week, Oculus started rolling out a new version of the Oculus Home software. Shortly after that, multiple Reddit users complained that their developer kits stopped working properly after they received the update. … [Read more...]

Thermaltake’s Latest Gaming Chair Sports Active Cooling

The key feature of the Thermaltake X Comfort Air is an active air-cooling system designed to help keep gamers cool and comfortable. … [Read more...]

‘Final Fantasy XI’ Invites Former Players Back to Play

Square Enix is inviting former Final Fantasy XI players back to the game for a few weeks as part of a free promotion running from Nov. 10-24. … [Read more...]

Asus Launches Trio of WS X299 Motherboards

Following the launch of its desktop X299 motherboard line, Asus rolled out a trio of new X299-based workstation boards targeting businesses, prosumers, and PC enthusiasts. … [Read more...]

Google: Data Breaches Account For Most Stolen Credentials

Google study found that data breaches are responsible for the vast majority of stolen credentials. However, Gmail users seem to be largely unaffected by them, as Gmail tends to be secure against data breaches. … [Read more...]

Corsair Offers ‘World’s Fastest’ 4x8GB DDR4 Memory Kit

Though these new memory modules might not be as fast as the company’s recently announced Vengeance LPX kits, they are the fastest kits the company has to offer in 4x8GB capacities. … [Read more...]

MINIX Creator Pens Open Letter To Intel After ME News

Recently, we reported on Google’s work to remove Intel Management Engine (ME)--an obscured, MINIX-based OS running as firmware--from its Intel CPUs. It turns out that MINIX's creator wasn’t aware that his OS had been commercialized by Intel. … [Read more...]

IBM Reveals 50-Qubit Quantum Processor

IBM revealed that it successfully developed an operational prototype 50-qubit processor. It also announced a 20-qubit processor for IBM Q systems, boasting improvements in "superconducting qubit design, connectivity … [Read more...]

Watch Us Play ‘Need For Speed: Payback’

The weekend is here and it's time for some racing. … [Read more...]

Windows Mixed Reality Will Support SteamVR On Nov 15

On November 15, you’ll be able to play Steam games with your Windows Mixed Reality headset, provided your system is powerful enough. … [Read more...]