The Curious Case Of 3Glasses And Windows Mixed Reality

Peeking over the fence at all the onstage hubbub about Windows Mixed Reality devices at Build was 3Glasses, a Chinese company that, so many of us keep forgetting, is one of the few working HMD hardware for the Windows Mixed Reality platform. … [Read more...]

Ransomware Shows Devastating Potential With Disruptive Global Attack

Global attack showed that ransomare isn't just a niche type of malware anymore that affects some random users or institutions. The attacks can now spread like wildfire across organizations, representing a risk for anyone with a computer or network … [Read more...]

PlayStation VR Aim Controller Out Next Week, Supports More Than Just ‘Farpoint’

One of most anticipated titles for PSVR is just around the corner, and it’s bringing an exciting peripheral with it. Impulse Gear’s "Farpoint" launches next week, and it’s ushering in a bespoke controller that’s poised to enhance VR FPS games. … [Read more...]

Get ‘Alan Wake’ Before It Disappears From Stores On May 15

Remedy's musical license for the game will expire on May 15, but the company will look into renewing it so the game can return to the physical and digital storefront. … [Read more...]

‘Hover: Revolt of Gamers’ By Fusty Game: The Next ‘Jet Set Radio’?

Futuristic, open world parkour game "Hover: Revolt of Gamers" leaves Steam Early Access on May 31. Is this game the next Jet Set Radio? … [Read more...]

Keylogger Found In HP Audio Driver

Swiss security researcher ModZero claims that it has discovered an audio driver installed on several HP laptops that contains a feature that secretly records every keystroke entered into the computer. … [Read more...]

‘Arizona Sunshine’ To Go Beyond Rift, Vive; Will Reach PSVR In June (Updated)

Vertigo Games’ highly acclaimed zombie apocalypse game is ambling its way from the computer room to the living room. "Arizona Sunshine" is coming to PSVR in June. … [Read more...]

Microsoft: x86 Apps Will Run On ARM Chips At Near-Native Performance

Microsoft released a new video in which it detailed how x86 apps will run on ARM chips with high-performance. … [Read more...]

Watch Us Play ‘Quake Champions’

The Large-Scale Tech Test for the game starts today. Anyone can sign up and play the game before its release. … [Read more...]

Lian Li’s PC-011 Chassis Gets ROG Makeover

Lian Li announced its new PC-O11 WGX chassis certified by Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG). … [Read more...]