Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Limited Edition White Case Outed at Computex

As we continue to play "catch up" on the bajillion (that's a technical term) products we saw at Computex this year, one that really stood out was be quiet's Limited Edition White Dark Base Pro 900 case. … [Read more...]

Gigabyte Announces X299 Aorus Gaming Pre-Order Specials

Intel's X-series CPUs are coming, and if you want to take advantage of their multitudinous cores and threads, you'll need a new motherboard. … [Read more...]

‘Tunic’ Is A Foxy ‘Zelda’-Like Hitting PC, Mac, Consoles In 2018

"Tunic" is an upcoming action adventure game which is heavily inspired by the "Zelda" franchise's early titles. "Tunic" heavily emphasizes exploration and puzzle solving. The combat requires precise timing, which will appeal to hardcore gamers. … [Read more...]

In ‘Stifled,’ Sound Is Your Friend And Your Enemy

In "Stifled", you navigate the darkness via echolocation. Using your mic, you can briefly outline the immediate area, but sounds will also alert your enemies. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Puts Built-In Fingerprint Sensor On Its ‘Modern Keyboard’

Many companies are pushing for biometric authentication by adding iris scanners, facial recognition features, and fingerprint sensors to their products. Microsoft joined their ranks with the new Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID. … [Read more...]

Cloudhead Games Delays ‘Heart Of The Emberstone’ To September

Cloudhead Games is hard at work developing the second installment of its episodic VR fantasy exploration game, "The Gallery." 'Episode 2" was supposed to be a spring release, but the developer needs more time to complete the title. … [Read more...]

More Details On Alienware Area 51: ThreadRipper Exclusivity, Vega, Cooling

Dell's Alienware Area 51 will have options for AMD's Threadripper or Intel Skylake-X. … [Read more...]

Logitech’s Big Promises For Gaming Mice: Wireless Charging And Superior Connectivity

Logitech wants to address gamers' concerns with wireless mice with its new Powerplay charging technology and Lightspeed connection tech. … [Read more...]

European Parliament Committee Recommends End-To-End Encryption For All Electronic Communications

The European Parliament's (EP’s) Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs proposed that end-to-end encryption for electronic communications is necessary to protect European Union citizens' fundamental privacy rights and personal data. … [Read more...]

The Other Thinnest Mechanical Laptop Keyboard Design

It's not just Adomax that's teasing mechanical laptop keyboard designs; iOne had one on display at Computex that appears to be even thinner. … [Read more...]