Destiny 2 Quick Review – Sequels Aren’t Always Worse

Destiny 2 Quick Review – Sequels Aren’t Always Worse No burying the lead:  Destiny 2 delivers and it does so beautifully! I’m always fairly skeptical when it comes to playing a sequel.  Looking... … [Read more...]

Nintendo Reveals Two Ultra Beasts for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokemon fans had some cool news unveiled at the Nintendo Direct presentation that was held this week. The games Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are on the way and two new Ultra Beasts legendary... … [Read more...]

Overwatch Free Weekend Starts September 22

So you have heard a lot about Overwatch from your friends, but you haven’t taken the plunge and dropped the money to buy the game? Well, Blizzard has a free weekend coming up that will allow... … [Read more...]

An AMD Threadripper X399 Motherboard Overview: A Quick Look at Seven Products

With the release of AMD’s Threadripper CPUs into the HEDT market, board partners have released new motherboards based on the X399 chipset. Consumers are going to see quad channel memory, native 4-Way SLI and Crossfire capabilities, more full-speed … [Read more...]

Pokeball Edition Nintendo 2DS XL Lands November 3

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list that likes mobiel video games on an actual portable console and not a smartphone or tablet, who also happens to be a Pokemon fan this is the gift... … [Read more...]

Polaroid OneStep 2 Camera is an ’80s Throwback

Any child of the ’80s has used a Polaroid instant camera. These things were everywhere back in the day and are the cameras that spit the photos out the front of the camera that started off... … [Read more...]

One Design, Two Products: The SanDisk Ultra 3D (1TB) and WD Blue 3D (1TB) SSD Reviews, with BiCS 3D NAND

The first 3D NAND SSDs from Western Digital and its SanDisk subsidiary have arrived. The same mainstream SATA SSD with 3D TLC is being sold under two names, but either way it is a big step forward: SanDisk's 64-layer BiCS3 3D NAND enables faster … [Read more...]

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti with 2304 CUDA Cores Coming Soon?

The AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and Vega 56 have raised the bar when it comes to performance from what gamers can expect from AMD, but fails to put much pressure on the high-end graphics cards from AMD.... … [Read more...]

HP Z Workstations Are Upgradable Beasts for Pros

Back in the day if you really wanted a powerful rig, you rolled your own. Most of us still do this today for our personal machines but most businesses don’t want to do that. They want machines... … [Read more...]

Destiny 2 “Version not Available” Workarounds for Irate Gamers

Few things in life will make a gamer as mad as a game that won’t work as it is supposed to do. Some gamers with legitimate copies of Destiny 2 are getting an error message telling them... … [Read more...]