What AMD EPYC Pricing Means for AMD Ryzen Threadripper Processors

When the AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor was announced at Computex 2017 no pricing guidance was given and in recent weeks we’ve seen a number of rumors where that price might land. Last night... … [Read more...]

Gigabyte Aorus AX370-Gaming 5 Motherboard Review

Aorus AX370-Gaming 5 AM4 ATX Motherboard Review The AMD Ryzen processor has been out for four months now, and there have been many updates to make things run a little smoother.  While many were very... … [Read more...]

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer to Launch June 27

The last time we talked about the coming DLC for Diablo III called Rise of the Necromancer was in November of last year. All we knew at the time as far as the launch date goes was sometime in 2017.... … [Read more...]

Blizzard/Twitch Partnership Means Free Golden Loot Box for Overwatch Players

Since Twitch is part of Amazon if you are an Amazon Prime member, you are a Twitch Prime member as well. You might not be into streaming your gaming session and perhaps you didn’t even know... … [Read more...]

One AMD EPYC Processor Reaches 57 GB/s of Random Storage Bandwidth

AMD wants to drive home the message that they are capable of delivering awe-inspiring performance from a single socket server with a number of demos this afternoon at the EPYC launch event in Austin,... … [Read more...]

AMD EPYC 7000 Series Processor Set To Change The Game

When AMD first dreamed up the Zen core architecture they did it to disrupt the datacenter platforms and they new they needed a 32-core processor to do that. AMD came up with a new architecture from... … [Read more...]

AMD’s Future in Servers: New 7000-Series CPUs Launched and EPYC Analysis

The big news out of AMD was the launch of Zen, the new high-performance core that is designed to underpin the product roadmap for the next few generations of products. To much fanfare, AMD launched consumer level parts based on Zen, called Ryzen, earlier this … [Read more...]

AMD EPYC Launch Event Live Blog (Starts 4pm ET)

I'm in Austin for AMD's launch event for their new server parts, named EPYC. Come back at 4pm ET (3pm Austin) for the Live Blog on the official announcement! … [Read more...]

Reports of Cellphone Internet Outages Across the US on Monday

Aside from the issues several Android users encountered when upgrading to Nougat, cellphone users across the United States came across issues regarding their ability to connect to the internet and... … [Read more...]

PS4 Nabs Top Spot in NPD’s Best Selling Hardware Rankings for May

The latest sales ranking charts from NPD have been published, and Sony has taken the top spot for hardware sales back from Nintendo. For May 2017, the Sony PS4 was the best selling game hardware... … [Read more...]