Acer Predator Z35P Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor

Acer has announced the Predator Z35P Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor. The Z35P has improved its resolution compared to its predecessor, the Acer Z35. Like the Z35, the new Z35P has the same 35-inch... … [Read more...]

Ikea TRÅDFRI Smart Lighting to Get Voice Control Capability

You can buy just about anything from often difficult to assemble furniture down to swedish meatballs at Ikea. The company also sells smart and green lighting that you can add to any existing outlet... … [Read more...]

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Artwork Leaks

A few weeks back a rumor started to make the rounds that Ubisoft was at work on a new crossover game that would see Mario and crew fighting alongside that inside rabbit-like creatures called Rabbids.... … [Read more...]

The 140mm Slim Tower CPU Cooler Roundup: Thin & Light Done Just Right

In today's review we are having a look at four popular “slim” type 140 mm tower coolers from Noctua, Phanteks, Thermalright and Be Quiet! How do their thermal and acoustics performance compare to both their larger dual-tower counterparts, and … [Read more...]

Far Cry 5 to be Set in Hope County, Montana

A few days ago Ubisoft officially announced that Far Cry 5 was in the works and that announcement led us to wonder what era the game would be set in this time out. The last title in the franchise was... … [Read more...]

Autobahn Motors in Singapore Has the Largest Luxury Car Vending Machine

A used car dealer in Singapore, Autobahn Motors, has erected a 15 storey building in December that doubles as an auto showroom. The building works like a “vending machine” and is operated... … [Read more...]

Amazon Alexa and Dish Network Offer Hands-Free Experience

Dish Network and Amazon will integrate to allow watching television a hands-free experience. Dish Network will have customers who use either Hopper or Wally receivers to be able to search for... … [Read more...]

Samsung Set to Unveil Stretchable AMOLED

Samsung is set to show off a new display this week at an annual event called Display Week. The display that Samsung will be showing off is said to be the world’s first stretchable OLED screen.... … [Read more...]

Huawei Launching Two New Clamshell Laptops: The MateBook X and the MateBook D

On the back of the launch of the MateBook last year, Huawei is launching a new generation using the latest hardware and diversifying the brand.  As an upgrade from a single model last year, Huawei is expanding the MateBook like into three products. The … [Read more...]

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 iCX Tested With 11GHz Memory

Cranking GDDR5X Memory Up to 11GHz Last month EVGA announced that they were going to allow customers that purchased the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW2 ($629.99) and SC2 ($569.99) models to upgrade the... … [Read more...]